A prayer for all those affected by Isaac.

Say a prayer for all those in Louisiana and surrounding areas that are experiencing Hurricane Isaac. I have Direct TV and have 2 channels dedicated to the storm. Having lived in New Orleans in the 60’s and experiencing Hilda, Betsy and Camille I appreciate what these people are going through. Having worked on a line crew for Louisiana Power & Light during Camille I can also appreciate the restoration efforts by the utility companies after the storm and believe that criticism by public officials is largely unwarranted as they don’t have the expertise of those employed by the utilities. I am not talking about government in general and the role of government in restoration efforts as there is also a need for that, just the grandstanding of politicians and others on something they know little about. Electric utilities no meter turning, no revenue. Telco’s no dial tone no revenue, both have every incentive to get restoration done as quickly as possible.

Bob A.

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