Troops in Montana, WTF?

Troops in Kalispell Montana and Columbia falls Under North Com Command

Subject: Troops in Kalisepell and Columbia falls under Northcom Command

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3 Responses to Troops in Montana, WTF?

  1. upaces88 says:

    This is ONLY an excerpt, but it is explaining what I have been saying. Please take a look at it and see what you think:
    . . . Forces larger than both of us have engineered the situation in which those who oppose Obama supposedly “have no choice” but to support his all too similar opponent. But where there is no choice, there is no election, only a powerful fabrication intended to force good people to betray all that they profess to believe.

    I guess I would fall prey to those larger forces, and their powerful fabrication, if I did not believe that the greatest force of all is the self-evident truth of God’s superintending power. “Quid est veritas” (What is truth?) Pilate asked, before the election Jesus lost. “I am the way, and the truth and the life” was Jesus’ answer, to the disciple who questioned His way. Judged by the world’s prudence, Jesus was lacking, for he was crucified. Judged by God’s wisdom, Jesus was prudent, for his way is the way of the elect in the only election that matters.

    . . . When faced with a crossroads of evil, human judgment makes out only one way or the other. But by the grace of God, we may choose the way of the Cross, which stands above either. Therein lies the imprudent, certain, only way to truth and life and victory.

    complete article here:

  2. upaces88 says:


  3. upaces88 says:

    I keep sayin’ < pray that the Military does something NOW; and not wait.
    We have had Russian and Chinese troops in Idaho. Montana and part of Texas.
    A friend of mine told me they were "training". My question? Training FOR WHO AND WHAT?
    It is especially uncomfortable and, well, actually disturbing and frightening that we have ANY foreign troops on our soil with THAT MAN in OUR WH.
    It was during this time that the news got out that OUR Military is planning something to save us.
    I wish it hadn't got out, but it did.
    Check out where the news was FIRST PUBLISHED:

    Posted by EuropeanUnion Times

    A shocking Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (MTC) report red-lined to President Putin this morning warns that “various elements” within the US Military

    establishment are “actively planning” for the overthrow of President Barack Obama before the November elections.

    According to this report, Russian Naval Infantry Forces commanders participating in Rim of the Pacific-2012 (RIMPAC) international naval war games off Hawaii (the world’s largest multi-national

    maritime exercise) this week were told by their US counterparts aboard the USS Port Royal (CG-73) that Obama had to be overthrown as he posed the most dangerous threat to the

    United States since the founding of their nation. US Military commanders, this report continues, stated that American officers and soldiers, along with elected and appointed Federal

    government officials, it takes an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, of which they claim Obama is one due to his overturning of

    established law and constitutional precedents bringing their country to the brink of all-out civil war.

    1.) Obama’s authorizing the assassination of US citizens without their having charges made against them or being able to defend themselves at trials.

    2.) Allowing the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to conduct murders on US soil.

    3.) Allowing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to tap the phones, intercept the emails, and in other ways spy upon the American public;

    4.) Allowing the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct against the American people the largest spy operation ever undertaken.

    5.) Conduct an illegal and un-Constitutional war against Libya.

    6.) Obama’s overturning of US laws by executive power without Congressional approval.

    Also Read:

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