A picture of 2 Pinocchio’s

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  1. upaces88 says:

    They do NOT care. “Whadda ya gonna do about it! So I lied and betrayed all of you by standing with this man! So What cha gonna do?
    They do NOT care what we think. They do NOT care how what they are doing and how it has a direct effect on the U.S Citizens. They are powerful and wealthy…so STFU, all of you U.S. Citizens!

  2. Bob Mack says:

    The other day they gave us a radical racist named, appropriately enough, Castro; yesterday it was Cherokee Liz and Slick Willie (after a recess during which they gave God the old Bronx cheer). Tonight we get the Big Red One. That says it all regarding the modern Democratic Party.

    • boudicabpi says:

      So it does. We also had Planned Parenthood giving out anti Romney/Ryan condoms in pink boxes. Wonder how many Sandra Fluke stocked up on, they were free.

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