Technological Harassment Hits Home

Things are getting bad and are going to get worse. The first step is to dump Obama and progressives then work on cleaning out the GOP. Watch Romney /Ryan like a hawk.

Published on Sep 7, 2012 by

Despite legal battles raging over 10 years and a noticeable lack of terrorist activity in that time, the LAPD is moving ahead as the first police department in the U.S. to implement Special Order 1, a policy which will allow the police to detain and arrest you if you are taking photos or videotaping certain buildings deemed by them as “suspicious activity”. The problem being of course — what exactly is considered suspicious activity?

Take for instance the innocent man Greggory Moore who was confronted for shooting pictures on his front lawn just because it happened to have the court house in the background. Eight policemen were called by “good citizen spies” to confront and interrogate him while he was held with his hands behind his back then patted down. Other photographers have experienced similar heinous police behavior and even been threatened with being put on the FBI watch list for taking pictures at the airport.…
by Linda West!/RealAlexJones
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