Learn How to Deal With People

Published on Sep 7, 2012 by

Learn How To Deal With People, no people’s skills, it’s you, women don’t like you, men don’t like you, get over yourself, you are the problem.

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1 Response to Learn How to Deal With People

  1. upaces88 says:

    Obama is far too self absorbed to even begin realllly listening to another human being.
    I have been told, at times, that I have a way with people. Do you know who said that about me?
    Those who did ALL of the talking and I would nod my head; and at other times comment:
    “That’s very interesting.”
    They will go on and on impressed with themselves.

    Personally? I do NOT like women. They know it. I know it. I find most women to be petty and boring. Men? Men are different. I can talk all day to men whether they are carpenters, bartenders, etc.
    I have noticed I do have a tough time talking with lawyers and doctors because they are so interested int he sound of their own voices that I find them very boring.

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