Muhammad. I believe this is the trailer of the movie that got Muslims upset and stormed our embassies.


These people are stone age assholes.

Lest anyone wonder this depicts Islam and Muhammads head where they properly belongs.

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9 Responses to Muhammad. I believe this is the trailer of the movie that got Muslims upset and stormed our embassies.

  1. ISLAM IS THE WAY says:

    عليكم لعنة الله والملائكة والناس أجمعين

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  4. The Infidel Alliance says:

    The claim of Muhammed as some sort of ‘holy prophet’, as some sort of moral standard bearer for the world is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of humanity.

    Factually, as recorded by Muslims in the Koran, Ahadith and Sirat Rasul Allah, far from being a ‘holy prophet’ Muhammed was in truth a sadistic sociopath and a classic evil tyrant who only came to power through violence, murder, intimidation and fear.

    As written in the Islamic ‘holy’ texts, Muhammed was a mass murderer, a human slaver, a sex slaver and sex trafficker, a brutal torturer, a sadistic hand and foot chopping mutilator, a sexual deviant and serial rapist, a child rapist, a perfidious Satanic possessed liar, a woman abusing misogynist, an intolerant bigot, a looting stealing thief, a genocidal warlord and a self proclaimed terrorist.

    By any objective, rational, civilized standard, far from being a ‘holy prophet’, Muhammed was one of the most vile examples of a man in the pantheon of human history.

    Muhammed, who claimed Abrahamic lineage, violated EVERY ONE of God’s most basic laws of humanity, the Ten Commandments. In word and deed, Muhammed was a literal anti-Christ, if not THE anti-Christ.

    Muhammed was a gran mal narcissist, a Meccan Charles Manson, a 7th century Arabian Hitler, only more successfully evil than either. Muhammed was a moral defective, consumed by unquenchable sexual lust, insatiable material greed, and addicted to sadistic violence and terror.

    Like Hitler, Muhammed should be reviled, not revered, and like Manson he should have been incarcerated, not venerated.

    Every pathology that afflicts Muslim civilization can be traced directly to this barbarian, Muhammed. And the whole world suffers from the 1400 year legacy of this man, Islam’s evil prince.

    Please help destroy the myth about Muhammed. Simply expose the truth as written by the early Muslims as recorded in the Islamic ‘holy’ texts. Please challenge Muslims to defend the indefensible immorality of their ‘holy prophet’.

    For the good of humanity, Muhammedo delende est!

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

  5. The Infidel Alliance says:

    Muslims know that the myth of Muhammed as a ‘holy prophet’ is a massive lie, and if the truth about Muhammed is widely known, the ‘moral’ foundation of Islam will collapse under the weight of this lie.

    Muslims know they cannot reconcile the actions and teachings of their evil prince with the morals and mores of civilized humanity. They know they cannot defend the indefensible. This is why whenever there is a discussion of Muhammed, an analysis of Muhammed, or even a cartoon of Muhammed – anything that might expose the truth about this evil man – Muslims do not engage in discussion or analysis, but descend into raging, destructive, murdering, violent mobs.

    Terror is the only way Muslims can reconcile the terror of their holy-hellish prophet.

    Please help spread the truth about Muhammed. Please challenge Muslims to defend the indefensible immorality of their evil prince. They can’t, and they know it.

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

  6. boudicabpi says:

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    • upaces88 says:

      Bob, I talked to a very intelligent Muslim on a Christian site, of all places. He knew a great deal about the Life of Jesus. He spoke kindly of Jesus. He spoke kindly to everyone on the site. I, quite frankly, didn’t know what to think. He was even reverent about Jesus. I just wanted to share that with you because we hear from some very nasty, violent-speaking Muslims on various sites. IF I have the opportunity to run into him again, I have some questions for him about how the other “vile” Muslims think they are going to get through to anyone speaking to us in such a toxic way. They don’t seem to realize that they actually “make OUR CASE against them” when they open their mouths to speak.
      What they don’t seem to realize is THEY MAKE OUR POINT FOR US…that they are “Hate-filled” without any qualities that make you want to listen to anything they have to say.
      Islam, from the mouths of those who talk about it, sound hate-filled, clinically-insane and I would not give any of them the time of day.

      • boudicabpi says:

        I haven’t heard from any but then again my views on Islam are so far cast in stone. I have put up a few positive posts on Muslims, and will do again if I run across any.

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