I Demand To Be Arrested for Blasphemy. Now. by Ann Barnhardt




The Obama regime is going after the people who made the cheesy mohammed movie that the musloids are blaming the riots on.

They are “suggesting” that YouTube “review” the content of the clip of the movie they have posted, and are also now looking to jail one of the filmmakers.

In addition, the Obama propaganda arm operating as the L.A. Times has posted pictures and explicit location descriptions of the home of one of the filmmakers, clearly an effort to intimidate the filmmakers and to pass tactical intel to the muslim brotherhood – which is why you always publicize your personal info right off the bat like I did. In doing so you claim a massive tactical advantage and utterly deprive the enemy of his MAIN WEAPON, which is intimidation and fear.Ladies and gentlemen, what you are witnessing is the establishment of the Sharia, specifically “islamic blasphemy” laws, right here in what used to be called the United States of America.

Well, I have a little something to say about all of this. Read more…

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2 Responses to I Demand To Be Arrested for Blasphemy. Now. by Ann Barnhardt

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    I Demand To Be Arrested for Blasphemy. Now. by Ann Barnhardt

  2. upaces88 says:

    That is actually a GREAT POINT….”Just how miserable is a religion…” read above.
    How the hell would want to be part of that!

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