Message to the drooling savages of the “religion of peace”: kiss my ass forever

pResident Gutless Pussy hits the reset button:

Apparently President Obama can’t see Egypt and Libya from his house. On the anniversary of the worst terrorist attacks ever perpetrated on America, our embassy in Cairo and our consulate in Benghazi were attacked by violent Islamic mobs. In Cairo, they scaled the walls of our embassy, destroyed our flag, and replaced it with a black Islamic banner. In Benghazi, the armed gunmen set fire to our consulate and killed an American staff member. The Islamic radicals claim that these attacks are in protest to some film criticizing Islam. In response to this, the U.S. embassy in Cairo issued a statement that was so outrageous many of us thought it must be a satire. The embassy actually apologized to the violent mob attacking us, and it even went so far as to chastise those who use free speech to “hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.” (Funny, the current administration has no problem hurting the “religious feelings” of Catholics.)

But where is the president’s statement about this? These countries represent his much touted “Arab Spring.” How’s that Arab Spring working out for us now?

It’s about time our president stood up for America and condemned these Islamic extremists.

Why on earth would he do that? He doesn’t like America any more than they do; in every way that really matters, he’s on their side, not ours. Read more at Cold Fury

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1 Response to Message to the drooling savages of the “religion of peace”: kiss my ass forever

  1. upaces88 says:

    I know I said this earlier on another post in a different way…but it still has the same meaning.
    Remember when Holder stated he hadn’t read the Arizona Immigration Law?
    That is a lawyer trick. You cannot be held responsible for information you never knew about.

    This is exactly why Obama DID NOT want the briefings that he was to receive “48 hrs” prior to the violence! It was like “washing his hands” of the entire matter and allowing the chips to fall where they may. As a sitting president, reacting in this way…there is nothing we can do since he didn’t break a law…he just didn’t bother reading or listening to a briefing. I think he said, “I don’t need no stinking briefings.”

    HE WANTS THE CHAOS. The wants anything possible to happen that can happen to further damage the image of the USA or to damage her totally. That has and will continue to be his goal.
    Sadly, he is doing a great job of not just destroying us but destroying our reputation as a Nation to those all over the world that once held us in high esteem.
    Now, as a country, we are seemingly complicit, at the very least, indirectly, in all the crimes that go on against ourselves as well as others. Again, he commits to being Passive Aggressive and American Citizens were murdered on American Soil in foreign countries. AND HE WILL NOT DO ONE THING!

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