Stealing David.

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David Fettgather is a young man with Down Syndrome. He was stolen from his family and put in board and care in 2005 by corrupt Alta Regional Center. They profit from taxpayer
money by holding him captive. Family hired a Guardian to intervene for David. But the Guardian who also profits from David’s captivity, colluded with Alta. David Circle of Support was founded to help David and other victims of Regional Center and Guardianship abuse.

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I am 24 years old. I WANT TO GO HOME TO MY “DADDY’S HOUSE”. I was placed in a really bad care home in 2005 by Alta Regional Center-the Boss now is Phil Bonnet (he has been mean to my dad and won’t let me go Home). The Boss works with my Boss, a Conservator. It was Kay and is now Betty Wright. She will not let me go to my Daddy’s house either. She has a really bad lawyer, Todd Robie who is mean to my Dad and files Court papers so I have to stay in the care home I don’t like. Six years is a long time. I am homesick and sick. Please help me and my family and my friends and my Dad-he writes for me because I can’t; he speaks for me because no one else knows how to listen. Join my Circle of support and help me come home, David


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