Hilmar Von Campe: America’s Nazi Future. A must watch video.

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Former Hitler Youth member and World War Two veteran Hilmar Von Campe warns that America’s collective turn away from God is greasing the skids for the state to take over as the ultimate authority, threatening a repeat of the rise of National Socialism, as he warns that the Obama White House and the United States government in general now more closely embrace the political doctrines of the Nazis than they do those of the founding fathers.

Von Campe explains how when he returned from the war he was determined to find out how the Germans, a relatively cultured and civil people before the rise of the Nazis, could have allowed a monster like Hitler to implement the Third Reich. Von Campe attributes the fall of Germany to the Nazis partly to “Godlessness,” a collapse in moral standards, and the German people acting contrary to God’s desires. Based on this revelation, he has created a formula to try and prevent countries from succumbing to tyranny in future.

Von Campe explains how children were indoctrinated by the state and the education system to uphold Nazi beliefs and then spy on and inform on their parents if they didn’t follow suit, as a way of breaking up families and enforcing a single ideology. He also reveals how the Nazis insisted upon discussion about religion and God being kept out of society, in the interests of ensuring that the people could not call on a higher authority than the state and therefore were less inclined to resist the Nazi takeover.

Von Campe warns that the process of taking God out of society and education, and the accelerating erosion of America’s Christian foundations bears startling similarities to how National Socialism established itself in 1930’s Germany, while chillingly pointing out that the US Senate, House and the Obama White House now more closely resembles the Nazis than it does the founding fathers

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8 Responses to Hilmar Von Campe: America’s Nazi Future. A must watch video.

  1. Darren says:

    I’m english, and as a world we have not learnt our lesson. Human beings are still the same and we will always will be. Our leaders are corrupt, the bankers control the world as they always have done. We turn away in ignorance and pretend it’s not happening.What will it take to realise what’s going on. Germany was fooled in world war 2. The same is happening to the rest of the world present day. We are living in dangerous times,Things are going to change, rapidly whether you beleive this or not it’s going to happen. The question is how long are you going to ignore it for.We are on the edge of world war 3, this is not a game.

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  3. upaces88 says:

    I know the 1950’s were a VERY “buttoned down” time as far as behaviors of people… what was a sin vs. what was not a sin. What was ethical vs. what was NOT ethical.
    I also remember that every morning at my elementary school, we all stood up and placed our little hand over our hearts to pledge to the Flag of the United States of America.
    We then sat down in our little desks and bowed our heads to listen to the devotional that went out over the loud speakers in every classroom.
    This is how we started our day EVERY day…5 days a week.
    Then I’d go home after school and mom made dinner. As a family we said Grace before every meal we shared as a family.
    fI am old enough now to look back over my years in the work force. I saw and experienced how ethics, morality changed. We were taught that if you go to work for a man (or company)… you give him or the company what is due them. YOU WORK every single minute you were there. He deserves that….

    I was shocked…absolutely shocked when I went to work P-T at a plush doggie daycare about 2 yrs ago. I saw one young lady about 30 yrs old punch another women in the face, because she “wanted to be boss” and get the promotion! I was absolutely shocked! And, the employer did NOTHING ABOUT it but let them fight out who would be boss and who would not. This is what our society looks like now.

    I have witnessed the morality, ethics and spiritual values become severely adulterated due to greed whether it is in the work place, church or public arena(s). As a society, we have left morality, ethics and spirituality a long time ago.

  4. upaces88 says:

    It IS a very telling video!

  5. genomega1 says:

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    Hilmar Von Campe: America’s Nazi Future. A must watch video

  6. upaces88 says:

    I am now 66 yrs old. I don’t know how to write this. The subversion of ethics and Christianity began a long time ago. During and Right after WWII, EVIL was exposed and fought against.
    It is as though most people don’t recognize the “seeds” of evil immediately until it grows so large that it is apparent and in your face to view it.
    I have seen changes in the psyche of some U.S. Citizens as a population since I was about 14 yrs old. The parents and grandparents KNEW about Hitler and the horrible things Hitler did.
    Evil DOES NOT begin right there in front of you in a CLEAR fashion. Evil does NOT present itself so that one can easily recognize it. Therefore, when we ignore it, the grows. It is subtle and will manifest in subtle ways in our own society.
    I was told by a politician in Dallas (City of Dallas…Dept. of Planning and Development) that he went to church for the “political ties” he made there. Christianity isn’t just going to Church. It is living it….LIVING in the Spirit of Christ. One is NOT measured how far we get in life. We are measured by our Love of family, neighbors; society as a whole and OUR Country.

    OUR COUNTRY IS NOW THERE…in the same place Hitler’s Germany was. WE, as a Country, have stopped believing and practicing the values of Christ. Our Society as a whole has forgotten all about ethics and morality. As long as it feels good; as long as it gets us UP in the job of our dreams…everything goes…cheating, lying, stealing, and even “ACCEPTING” THAT corruption is part of the deal in being successful.

    I know I didn’t really make my point. The bottom line? As a Nation, we have “allowed” people like Obama to get into office. Yes, I know he wasn’t elected…BUT! where were those in power who worked FOR US to stop him? As a people, we depended on them. Not only have they let us down… they have betrayed not just us, but AMERICA as a whole. They should be taken out in front of the of WH and shot.

  7. Saw this interview recently. A MUST WATCH video!


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