Spanish Station Univision Calls Obama Out

Published on Sep 21, 2012 by

Univision Calls Obama Out, This Is Real Journalism, I need to learn Spanish, they pinned Obama to the Wall, Immigration Reform, Fast and the Furious, The Latino Station Let Obama Have It, Fox did not do it, CBS Did Not Do It, CNN did not do it, ABC is a joke, CSNBC are a bunch of frauds,

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3 Responses to Spanish Station Univision Calls Obama Out

  1. RANDR2012 says:

    CORRECTION, I dont think those who arent born here, WONT vote for the idiot imposter in the wh, Even if the proof is right in front of their faces. Most latinos are democrats and catholic and will still vote for the democrat candidate simply because he is democrat. The think the republicans are for the rich but what is more frustrating is they cant see that the democrats want them dependant and ignorant on the issues. They cant see they are voting for a man who loves abortion(murder) and the catholics are against it. They cant see they are really democrats with republican values. GO FIGURE.

  2. RANDR2012 says:

    SO WHAT!!! Latinos are looking to someone who will tell them what they can do to bring the illegals into legal status. I dont think Latinos or those who arent born here, will still fall for the swagger and the false words he gives out and VOTE FOR THE IDIOT. I am Latina, born and raised in the U.S. and damn proud of that. I still dont understand how underhanded many Latinos can be and think they can get away with illegalities. I feel for the children, but if the parents had done things right, they would not be in this predicament. Sorry, but anything worth having has to be worked towards. No one can get ahead by just putting your hand out.

    • boudicabpi says:

      The MSM should be calling Obama out also but don’t. Thumbs up to Univision on the interview. Thanks for visiting and posting your comments.
      Bob A.

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