Netanyahu: ‘In Israel, Our Hope for Peace Never Wanes’


And America has a sand monkey posing as an American who speaks anti-America, anti-Judeo/Christian, pro-Islam gibberish. An apoligizer for America.

Uploaded by on Sep 23, 2011

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the U.N. General Assembly Friday, saying Israel wants peace despite its reputation among some in the United Nations.

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1 Response to Netanyahu: ‘In Israel, Our Hope for Peace Never Wanes’

  1. upaces88 says:

    I greatly respect this man. The second man I respect is Prime Minister Harper of Canada.
    They are both no-nonsense leaders who are very open with the way they think and feel about the problems we all have with the Muslims invading our Countries.

    This man is Brilliant, caring; and guards his Country with a passion; yet, Israel has been compassionate with the Muslims that surround this tiny country. When Muslims are sick and/or injured due to the bombs, etc., they run to Israel for help. The hospitals treat them and “never get paid.” Even when they have had violence in their streets or on the borders of their cities, they used high pressure water hoses to back them off. The only time they use violence is when they absolutely have to.

    The UN have become Toxic. He is right about Palestine.
    His address concerning 9/11, amazed me. And, YES, he is 100% right about Iran and Nukes.
    There is no way in this world should Iran EVER have Nukes.

    I have never heard him speak at length before. he is an amazing speaker. This is a man, I feel, that WE can trust as the “Citizens” of the U.S. and I think he knows that the PEOPLE here do trust him. He is in a very delicate situation with Obama being in the WH as far as her citizens are concerned. They do KNOW we don’t like him at all.

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