Pamela Geller on CBS News: Islamic Supremacists and Leftist Thugs destroy anti-jihad ads

Published on Sep 25, 2012 by

it’s nothing more than criminal activity. In a rational society, it would be looked down upon, but more importantly, the defacement is a metaphor for this entire conversation. Hundreds and hundreds of anti-Israel posters ran all over the country. Not one was defaced. One anti-jihad poster goes up, and it’s defaced within an hour, while its creator faces defamation, smears and libel. Islamic supremacists and leftist thugs criminally defaced these ads within an hour. This is a physical manifestation of the entire conversation, or lack thereof. Anyone who speaks about jihad and sharia is attacked, defamed, destroyed — just like these ads. This is exactly what’s happening in the media regarding jihad coverage in general. Anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-sharia hate is all over the airwaves, but anyone who dares to speak the truth about Islam and jihad in the media is immediately smeared and defamed. You can’t have this conversation in the media, any more than I can present these pro-Israel ads, and receive any semblance of fair treatment.

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1 Response to Pamela Geller on CBS News: Islamic Supremacists and Leftist Thugs destroy anti-jihad ads

  1. upaces88 says:

    How can they expect us to “respect them” when their violence is world wide?!
    Geller has received death threats? For the most part, that proves the point in and by itself.
    Hate speech? They behead and slaughter Christians daily. They threaten the entire human population with violence and death if not committed to Islam.
    Their hate ACTIONS is what should always be considered. When anyone protests their behavior, it is deemed as “hate speech” when in fact, all that is being said is THE TRUTH OF THEIR OWN ACTIONS.

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