The School Officials Don’t Give A Damn About The Kids

Published on Sep 29, 2012 by

The School Officials Don’t Give A Damn About The Kids, Stop Taking The Damn Test, Why Are We Doing Things That Don’t Work, Your Way Is Not Working, Teachers Are Not Teaching The Kids, Children Don’t Have Basic Reading Skills, You Don’t Need More Money, Spending Money Does Not Mean Love, The Principles Don’t Care About The Kids, Is Your Way Working

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1 Response to The School Officials Don’t Give A Damn About The Kids

  1. upaces88 says:

    they do NOT need any more $$. They need to “teach”…actually teach…not study for a test everyday. That does NOT teach. When anyone studies for a test…the jam the info into their brains Just FOR the Test…lol…it falls right back out again after the test IF they haven’t studied to learn.
    Teachers? I know we need them but the ones I met in graduate school are NOT worth a damn! The old saying of “Teachers teach because they can’t do anything else?” Unfortunately, that is true. Teachers I went to school with in graduate school (getting MS in School Counseling) worked hard at ways to cheat (and they were ALLOWED to cheat). They only learned enough to “slide by.” They didn’t seem interested in the knowledge being taught in Counseling and/or psychology. I cannot tell you how many times teachers getting their Masters degrees whining “Awww, this is tooo hard. When will I use this!?”
    The knowledge they were learning could be utilized EVERY day when they met kids with problems (emotional/mental) and meeting the parents to know best how to help the child. They DID NOT want to bother.

    We all have those great teachers in our memories that are few and far between. The rest of them? I don’t know what the answer is..but they LOVE getting the check and the 3-4 months of vacation every year!

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