Real Stupid Blacks Who Still Support Obama 2


Published on Sep 30, 2012 by

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3 Responses to Real Stupid Blacks Who Still Support Obama 2

  1. Sharon says:

    It’s all over for America. Our great country is full of stupid idiots and there is no hope Hope they are ready for the biggest fall imaginable. Too bad we all will have to suffer with them. They have finally won out. And god help us all. I pray god will be swift

  2. upaces88 says:

    The liberals and the Blacks belong together.
    My Lord, he DO GIT down and dirty! lol
    That isn’t dumb…that is INSANITY. To see it right in front of them and still support him?..

    They are NOT going to read his record or even compare what he says in speeches.

  3. 1IDVET says:

    Reblogged this on Truth, Lies and In Between and commented:
    This video is priceless!
    Good shit here.

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