The Obama Administration Is Going To Get Us All Killed

Hillary Clinton is also a liar. Add her to the list at the bottom of the video.

Islam and Muhammad depicted where they properly belong. Islam dead Muhammad’s head on a woman’s spear.

Published on Oct 11, 2012 by

The Obama Administration Is Going To Get Us All Killed, What the hell happen in Libya, Jay Carney is a liar, Susan Rice Is A Liar, Barrack Obama Is A Liar, Who Are They Protecting, They have changed their story many times, Obama cannot be trusted,

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2 Responses to The Obama Administration Is Going To Get Us All Killed

  1. upaces88 says:

    3 days before the attack, there was a briefing. Obama stated “I don’t need no stinkin’ briefings.”
    This has been mentioned before…NO one died when Nixon Lied.
    It is sad we have to admit this, Obama does NOT care who dies as long as it is NOT his friends… the Muslims.
    They are all liars having to cover their butts. IF they knew something and didn’t expose it… they are just as guilty by association for NOT stopping it.

    Obama DOES NOT CARE that our ambassador was raped and murdered.

    Obama Withdrew 16 Member Navy Seal from there one month before the attacks:

    HE IS a Trojan Horse from Islam.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Bush: I’m not concerned about Osama Bin Laden:

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