Angels. Are there Angels among us? I say yes. (reposted from 4/26/11)

Think about the post title. There are Angels among us. They appear in our lives and we often don’t recognize them. They do things for you without asking anything in return. We don’t know why they are so caring, but they are. At some point they may disappear from your life and it will not be a friend gone but rather they have completed their work. Give thanks for what you had received and what they have given you. I had an Angel come into my life about 5-6 years ago and she is still here. My wife was ill for many years and about 6 years ago I had to quit work to take care of her full time. I never made myself a sandwich for lunch and had to do everything. I have an adult Down Syndrome son. My wife passed a year ago and this young woman who guided me through cooking, and was there as my son and I went through seeing his mother digress to the point that she could do nothing for herself and is still here. She brings a good meal, home made Lasagna or snacks such as home made blue berry muffins about every two weeks. She has been a mainstay in my daughters life for the past 9 month’s, since she got into trouble. She has sent her inspirational books and a wallet bible to carry with her. She corresponds with her every week or so and they finally after 9 months they met. Think who may have entered your life unknown before and has done for you with not asking for anything in return. When I am at my loneliest she is always there. These are the Angels among us. Send them a thank you and you will be blessed.You will not find your Angel by looking and don’t mourn when they leave, their job will be done. Just Thank God.

Bob A.

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3 Responses to Angels. Are there Angels among us? I say yes. (reposted from 4/26/11)

  1. upaces88 says:

    Those babies are precious…..sorry about the comment above….I just knew WRONG this time!
    Children TEACH us how to love. When my daughter was born and wtching her grow….Sometimes I feel as though my heart will explode with joy.

    Please delete my last comment above.

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