And So the Rationing Begins via The Differences of US….. Move US to Think

Below is the first sentence in the second paragraph of our Declaration Of Independence. Both the Declaration Of Independence and The Constitution are linked below in PDF files. These two documents mean nothing to Obama, his administration or our government as a whole.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.— us_doi pdf

constitution pdf

NOBAMA 2012! Repeal Obamacare!

And So the Rationing Begins

We reported this would happen a few weeks ago. I BEG you to send this to EVERYONE that you know that is currently on or soon will be on Medicare:

Doctors across America are sick. A new and desperate plight has surfaced in emergency rooms across the nation for both patients and doctors alike. The following blog by one valiant doctor speaks for thousands of doctors being forced to go against their natural instincts and abilities to allow further hospital care and re-admit patients writes Sharon Sebastian. (h/t Chip)

Effective October 2012, doctors at hospitals across the land are being forced by the Obama administration to break their Hippocratic Oath. Obama’s revamped Medicare has now begun forcing doctors at hospitals to turn their backs on patients no matter how critical their need for re-admittance. Obamacare has activated a mandate through Medicare that will cost thousands of lives and serves as the precursor to Obama’s inhumane and authoritarian Death Panels.

The following excerpts are used with permission from the blog of Dr. Thomas Hamilton (LINK), an American doctor who speaks truth to power. Dr. Hamilton describes how he was torn between providing medical help to a very sick senior or turning her away to face a certain and tragic fate without treatment.

“It was my plan to admit this woman to the hospital. I found out a little later that this same woman had been a patient here just slightly more than 2 weeks ago with a DIFFERENT DIAGNOSIS. I was told that if this woman was admitted, the hospital would not be paid.

The new Medicare rule now is that if the same Medicare patient is re-admitted to the hospital within 30 days, the hospital will not be paid. When they first started this nonsense they said this only applied to patients with the same diagnosis. Now they have “expanded” the rule to include re-admissions for any reason. So if you’re in the hospital for pneumonia, and 3 weeks later, you break your leg…….too bad. Medicare will not pay the hospital to fix your leg.

A little later a man was brought in by ambulance, very sick, in pain, and near death. I did my usual evaluation and treatment, doing my best to ease pain and stabilize this man’s illness. He needed to be admitted. To my chagrin I found out that he had been treated for the SAME problem at a DIFFERENT HOSPITAL about 10 days prior. If I admitted this man, our hospital would be paid nothing. I admitted the man.

My friends I am caught in a terrible position. I could have given treatment to both of these people and sent them out. There is no doubt that both of them would have died. Oh, I could also be sued for malpractice, but nobody cares about that.

The good doctor goes on to explain:

“As more and more are added to the Obamacare rolls, there will be less and less access. People will get sicker and yes, people will die because of it. I had a sick and sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach today after both of these incidents. We have a good hospital. Our nurses, technicians, and support staff work very hard and they deserve to be paid for their efforts. I am not so worried about myself as I am near retirement, but I worry for all the younger folks in the healthcare business and I worry about our seniors who are in the long run going to be sacrificed as the government implements cost cutting shenanigans to cover up their broken promise made way back in 1964.

In a recent article, SICK – NO APPEAL – IT’S OBAMACARE, I wrote: Read more…

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1 Response to And So the Rationing Begins via The Differences of US….. Move US to Think

  1. upaces88 says:

    I am so ticked off that I don’t EVEN know WHERE to start.
    The Illegals received HUGE tax returns; and yet NEVER paid in a dime. One investigation revealed that one family filed for 26 children and they only had two. That’s not really the point. The point is THEY FILED in the first place!!!

    Not only mine but others, He took $300 out of my social security check that I didn’t even start collecting until I turned 65. It was during this year. After that he took out $175 a month. He “claimed” it was for Medicare …strange..I haven’t been to a doctor in two years!

    There was an article bout a year ago that wealthy people were getting food stamps!
    Illegals getting food stamps;
    Muslims (not citizens) getting food stamps.
    I had to force myself NOT to allow my jaw to drop open when a neighbor told me they were not only getting food stamps but $800 a month from the government! (Huh?) How? They are young so it isn’t disability or social security!!

    I know I am rambling…I am too upset about this subject matter to be organized.
    There ARE death panels for the elderly. Well, I am 66 and I don’t consider myself elderly….but they do. So? If I get really sick…I am a dead woman…and so are many others just like me.

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