The Government Cheese and Welfare Crowd

Published on Oct 21, 2012 by

The Government Cheese and Welfare Crowd, The Federal Reserve Is Obama’s Bank Account, They hate ET Williams, Minorities Are being enslave, I hate stupidity, I hate ignorance, you have been on welfare all of your life, Get A damn job idiot, you are a lazy piece of crap, The Muslims want to kill you, Islam is violent, stop the madness damit,

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One Response to The Government Cheese and Welfare Crowd

  1. upaces88 says:

    I received one of his damn cell phones! I don’t know why. I certainly didn’t apply for one! Where did they get my name and address!!?

    What reallly pisses me off? I have been going to the same grocery store for so long, I know everyone in there (except the new ones). It ticks them off too because they see people like me come in (and they have mentioned it)… who “has to count” every dime — only to see the Illegals come in husband/wife to shop.
    They get two baskets. They fill up both baskets with food (top and bottom). Then they go to the NEW SUV (or others like it)… unload
    the groceries and come back in.
    Only this time, they fill up TWO baskets with beer and wine!

    I found out how they get so much $ in food stamps. Let’s say they only have two children. However, when they go to the food stamp office for the first time, they “borrow” either their brother/sister’s children or a neighbor’s.. to make it look like they have 6 kids vs. 2.
    Then the next day, the neighbor (or relative) does the same thing!

    I have also seen the blacks come in using food stamps. It surprises me because they are dressed like they just stepped out of Neiman Marcus and so are the children! I see the cars they get into. They are NOT used cars…they are new!

    What the blacks should be upset about is that the statistics indicate that the “black community” have the highest for being unemployed.

    The United States was “ready” for the first black president.

    It is tragic that the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT IS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY. It wasn’t the color of the man….It IS the CHARACTER of the man. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt we will have another black man in the WH for a very long time unless the person has the character and reputation of West.

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