President “Pimp Daddy” Obama and it’s mate.

Obama the champion of infanticide supports Sandra (Fuck) Fluke in her quest for unlimited government provided contraceptives so she can afford to get laid. He talks about teaching his daughters morals but what message is he sending. They can behave like his friend Fluke and if they get knocked up, no biggy just kill the baby, his grandchild. What a warped piece of crap this Obama character is. Head of the Democratic party that boo’s God and advocates murdering babies. Seniors, you’re next don’t get feeling too comfortable. His mate is just as bad. She lobbied for partial birth abortion when he was in Illinois Senate in 2004, read her letter. Equal pay, equal treatment is not the same as advocating for infanticide. Letter here. Why would anyone in their right mind vote Obama-Biden?

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1 Response to President “Pimp Daddy” Obama and it’s mate.

  1. upaces88 says:

    How can he teach morals and values when he has NONE. No, not a question!

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