Leaks, Lies, Libya…Lack of Leadership

H/T Barracuda Brigade

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5 Responses to Leaks, Lies, Libya…Lack of Leadership

  1. Redneck Dixie Warrior says:

    Just in case some folks haven’t seen this video and understand what exactly happened in Libya…..

  2. Redneck Dixie Warrior says:


    He is worse than a vicious bitch….he’s a muslim! He has told only one truth in the entire 4 years….he would stand with his muslims brothers. It is exactly what he has been doing. It is not hard to understand when you don’t expect him to act like anything more than a jihadi terrorist.
    I think the military understands Obi….he is the enemy within. Time for them to do what must be done to all of the treasonous traitors……

    • upaces88 says:

      I wont’ argue that point at all….allow me to toss out a question to you and everyone else that is on here.
      This…this happening…this terrible evil that happened was/and still is a perfect opportunity for ROMNEY to drill him into the damn ground! SO/ WHY HASN’T HE?

      Why hasn’t ROMNEY come out to address this with the Nation. It would DESTROY OBAMA even more! He would TAKE TOTAL command from this point on!

  3. upaces88 says:

    I said that badly. He is LEADING AGAINST THE USA.
    I don’t think many people…even them…understand that THIS MAN has no interest in leading the USA into victory…absolute victory UNLESS IT SUITS his needs and those of HIS FRIENDS who are NOT American.

  4. upaces88 says:

    What is hard for all of us to understand, is that in his mind, It is NOT a lack of leadership. HE IS LEADING but NOT in the best interests of the USA. THIS IS HIS WAY OF LEADING…
    I hope he doesn’t retaliate against them for speaking out. He is like a vicious bitch

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