Yes I Said If Obama Was White He Would Not Have Become The

Published on Oct 30, 2012 by

Yes I Said If Obama Was White He Would Not Have Become The President, The Truth Is Truth, Obama is half white, I will never shut up about stupidity, I’m right so get over it, Barrack Obama’s Passport, The Birth Certificate, Libya, Benghazi Screw up, No White Man Could get away with this, Liberals would lynch a White man, They would destroy a conservative
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3 Responses to Yes I Said If Obama Was White He Would Not Have Become The

  1. In Europe.. The fact That the US President being black has been one of the biggest point to rejoice from that Election. But as well if it were a Woman ! Black Woman could have been the greatest Election in a European View..

    BUT Woman or not, Black or Not.. The Point Of Being The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITERD STATES IS :
    That you are COMPETANT !
    That you are looking for the best Interest of Your Country !
    That you give an International Message That you are Trustworthy and that you keep your words and alliances !
    That you come forwards like in the United Nations To SAY clearly what’s wrong, without caring or been scared of been unpopular for some, as the main point is to defend your views and not pleasing only a part of the viewers …
    That you not bent to others because you are the USA a Strong Minded Country !
    Bearing the Hope of So Many Others, who same minded but have NO POWER.

    Americans it is time to choice for Competency and nothing else..
    I’m personally glad that American did dare elect a non-white President and hope it will again in the Future but sorry to say OBAMA is Failure !!
    OBAMA : NO MORE !!!
    Bring Back The US of A !

    Swiss Citizen

  2. coffeeandsleeplessnights says:
  3. upaces88 says:

    The ONLY reason he is getting away with so much is because HE IS BLACK. I can’t prove it… but I do think that the ONLY reason he hasn’t been impeached is for two reason:
    1) He is black;
    2) Too many people have been paid off, and/or threatened to NOT go up against him.
    3). Threats of race riots on is behalf.

    Hawaii recently “denounced” he was born there.

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