New video on 11-2-2012 #1

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NYC Mayor Goonybird making a bad situation worse. NY Marathon.

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6 Responses to New video on 11-2-2012 #1

  1. upaces88 says:

    Correction: Are YOUR people where you live that much different than those in NYC?
    What makes the difference?
    P.S. I have a strong Texas Accent. When I was in NY, of course, I was teased a lot… but I also had a lot of drinks bought for me lol.
    I was on “Beacon Street.”

    • boudicabpi says:

      Yes, in the past but as the city people move upstate for weekend homes it is becoming less so. Most businesses have been taken over and cater to the city crowd. A working man can not buy a pair of work boots without going to another town with a mall, a little further north or west you still can. You can buy a fashionable scarf, sweater or other garments not suitable for a working person. They are arrogant. We have one red light in the village and it has a walk light. I walk down with my son to a local restaurant on weekends and we wait for the white light to cross. These people just walk across on red or green. I make a point of telling him wait for the walk light don’t follow those assholes and they will turn and say are you talking to me and I tell them yes and they get very indignant and insulting. They are IMO assholes..

      • upaces88 says:

        I have never understood the seeming “necessity to be rude.” It takes the same amount of time and is much more pleasant to say the same thing in a kind way WITH THE SAME INFORMATION GIVEN.
        I’ve also never understood what “THEY GET OUT OF BEING SO RUDE?”
        I mean the question…we all do things for reasons…what do they get from being so rude?

        It isn’t necessary. Excuse me for getting analyzing it here, but the only thing a person gets from being rude is 1) causing others to be rude in self defense;
        2) OR, to have someone cower to them.
        The way I see it…both ways is a Lose/Lose….NO ONE WINS. It is just irritating.
        A real question: Are they that agitated on the inside? How do they live with that?

        Even here in Texas, people are friendly even AFTER the Yankees came down here.
        It took them a while to stop being so damn bossy and condescending..but they learned.
        They learned because got NO WHERE being jackasses. They finally settled in and understood, we don’t act like that here.

  2. upaces88 says:

    That Jackass! You can delete this part….He’d ruin a wet dream.

    I want an answer to this part. Why in hell did the NY’rs vote him in AGAIN after 9/11 for him to vote for a Mosque to be built on Ground Zero.
    I would have been shouting from the roof tops to fire that SOB.

    • boudicabpi says:

      I’m in mid-state NY, mid-Hudson valley, not NYC. I don’t have a clue why NY’rs vote as they do. NYC and environ’s carry the state due to the population. NYC is creeping up here and things are changing for the worse.

      • upaces88 says:

        That is really sad. I’ve been to NY once (Queens). We always think of NY as in the Music “New York, New York”…. Are you people THAT much different in NYC…can’t they see what they are doing to themselves?

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