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Obama/Democrats supports and depend on unions, unions support and depend on Obama/Democrats, a tit for tat. Maybe it’s time to look for the union label and buy something else. I realize when it comes to utilities that’s not an option. I’m not saying that unions have not done some good things or that there are not a lot of good union people but in this instance let’s put the public before union dues.

There’s more: Georgia power crew turned away from Sandy-stricken New York for refusing to join union

A business coordinator at a power company in western Georgia told The Daily Caller Friday afternoon that workers from his electric-utility employer were not permitted to help restore power to New York consumers because they would not join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

The revelation comes on the heels of similar stories TheDC has reported about power crews from Alabama and Florida who volunteered to fix downed power lines after Hurricane Sandy left millions in the Northeastern United States in the dark this week.

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1 Response to Unions??

  1. jeromeennis says:

    Unions are run by The Mafia and other assorted Criminals and Subversives. Obama is a Big Time Union Supporter as well because he is a Thug and a Subversive. This is but one more reason that we have to make sure that Obama and His Regime of Union Thugs, Criminals, Mobs, Subversives, Perverts and other Groups who are Enemies of the United States.

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