Obama Has Insulted People of Faith & Women

Published on Nov 6, 2012 by

Obama Has Insulted People of Faith & Women, Vote with your body parts, Obama hates God, Obama has failed, Obama does not respect the American people

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1 Response to Obama Has Insulted People of Faith & Women

  1. upaces88 says:

    Number One, The man prefers men vs. women. He has the double edge sword as far as women are concerned. “Sexist” doesn’t even describe him. He, basically, hates women. The Moose was going to divorce him at one time, and he cried and whimpered to keep her.
    Number Two: He IS a Muslim and IF he gets back into office through fraud, it is only going to be worse.

    He has already “invited” 80,000 Muslims to come hear to be safe while Christians are being slaughtered every day.

    He IS losing the black Christians due to his stand on Homosexuality. He does “thumb his nose” even a the blacks.

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