If God, Why Evil? Farhan Qureshi vs. David Wood

Published on Nov 4, 2012 by

Theists claim that the universe was created by an all-powerful, all-knowing, perfectly good Being. Yet the world contains a great deal of natural and moral evil. Does the extent of evil in our world make the existence of God implausible? Farhan Qureshi and David Wood debate the issue.

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1 Response to If God, Why Evil? Farhan Qureshi vs. David Wood

  1. upaces88 says:

    I found a church that, finally, I did like and never missed a Sunday. The Priest had been a Episcopal Priest but quit to start his own church. He did so because the Church wouldn’t allow him to teach ALL of the truth.
    We had weekly meetings at a home in Highland Park (Dallas). He gave the lectures. His lectures included beliefs as well as facts that were left out of the Bible. All Priests from the Catholic Church and Episcopal are taught the same “facts” but are also told NOT to teach them to the congregation. There seems to be the thought that as human beings, we are still too spiritually immature to handle all of it; OR, it is because that once we do know, understand it, they, meaning any church, loses the power over us?
    I had that confirmed by two priests as well as Father Talliferro.

    Human beings are made with the ability to align oneself with the rhythm or vibration of G-d… the perfection of Him as well as the harmony that holds the universe together; otherwise, the planets would spin apart wildly. WE, as human beings, have the ability to align ourselves in the same fashion “IF” WE CHOOSE. When we choose to do so, no matter what is going on outside of ourselves, we can be peaceful. When we allow ourselves and/or the world to interrupt that wholeness or peace…we fall into a different vibration of being that we will experience the negative around us…and even in the surroundings of evil. It is us to us TO CHOOSE to direct our focus as well as our lives to turn BACK to the wholeness of G-d and the vibrations of the that literally holds the universe together. (some call that “sin”). Sin and remaining within the “activities” of sin, we FALL. We have two choices then:
    1) Examine what OR who we allowed to come into our lives that brought us to the FALL and turn back; or
    2) Continue to FALL and the manifestations of that will be living in Hell on earth even though we are still alive.. Once one has fallen into the depth of Hell while still living in a human body on earth… we still have the opportunity to reach out IF we only Will it.

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