LILCO, LIPA, more government involvement the answer, LOL!

The situation in Long island, NYC is certainly no laughing matter. I was with NYT and worked on the rebuilding of LI after Hurricane Gloria, At that time the electric utility was LILCO a private utility. We coordinated with LILCO and because of the way things have to be done NYT set poles for LILCO. Power goes up first, next Tel last CATV. I was working with electric utility crews from Pennsylvania, PP&L. Priorities were set. Government not really involved in the rebuilding per se. Now LILCO is LIPA a government operation and complaints are that it is all fucked up. Will bringing in more government fix it. I think not.  It will create more of a clusterfuck because those coming in to fix a bad situation don’t have a clue whether local, state or federal. That is not their expertise but keep in mind LIPA is government run. I also worked for Louisiana Power & Light in the restoration of power after Hurricane Camille hit the LA, MS coast. Very well coordinated and efficient. Done and then onto MS to assist with their rebuilding. More government involvement will only stall the process. Barrack Obama playing golf is better than him being there “managing” the situation.

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