Government Sucks, FEMA Sucks! Hope you Obama voters affected by Hurricane Sandy are happy..,

…with the Obama answer to citizen’s helping each other. This is the same government that rammed Obamacare down our throats and will manage our healthcare. Below is from my personal FB page from someone that lives on LI. The newspaper article makes clear why the secret location. Citizens both giving and receiving aid from one another should openly defy FEMA and let the riots start.

A friend of mine called me to tell me that he has a warehouse full of procter and gamble products that he would like to donate. I am going to take some to Copiague and Staten Island. Does anyone else know of specific places that would want some????

Geri, will bring stuff on Sunday or Monday!!!!!

Yes, but it’s a “secret location” that delivers directly to residents of Rock. Can you send me a private message and lmk what I have to do to get them there or if he is delivering?

Below article via Shelter Island Reporter.

Obama sucks, FEMA sucks, Government sucks.

Televised and published pictures plus personal appeals of Hurricane Sandy victims in New York and New Jersey touched the hearts of Shelter Islanders who generously filled truckloads of clothing and other goods bound for Island Park and Long Beach last week. But the word from the Federal Emergency Management Agency now is “stop.”

It’s not that the victims of Sandy have their needs met, but that FEMA has strict rules what can and can’t be accepted.

“We stopped taking things now,” said Marie Eiffel whose boutiques on Shelter Island and in Sag Harbor have been drop-off centers for goods that Sweet Tomato’s Jimi Rando trucked to neighborhoods devastated by Sandy.

“It was great,” Ms. Eiffel said. “We did get to those people before FEMA stepped in and it was a great turnout,” she said of the goods contributed by her friends and neighbors to boost the relief effort. Not only did Ms. Eiffel make her stores a drop-off point, but she contributed some of her own store inventory. Read more…

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4 Responses to Government Sucks, FEMA Sucks! Hope you Obama voters affected by Hurricane Sandy are happy..,

  1. Greg W says:

    White house petition to abolish FEMA. Go sign it!

  2. JC says:

    Biggest words to fear….I am from the gov’t and I am here to help….run from anyone claiming such nonsense…

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