GULAG: Inside a Stasi Prison!! Via The Lorinov Report.

Via The Lorinov Report

In under Obama’s reign are we in America trending towards Gulag Bound?

GULAG: Inside a Stasi Prison!!

November 20, 2012

The place remains cold and stark but not so long ago it was even more cold and stark.  This was a place of human torture and cruelty beyond the wildest imagination.  This place, this evil pit, was once a Stasi prison in Communist East Germany!

Hohenshonhausen Prison was once one of the most dreaded of Stasi prisons in the Eastern Bloc until it finally shut its doors in 1990.  Between 1951 and 1989 thousands of prisoners were imprisoned in this horrible place built by the Communist regime.  Officially the place did not exist and it did not appear on maps of the time.  Instead the area where the prison is located was simply left blank.  Stasi Wardens who ran this place of evil constantly devised extreme techniques for interrogation in order to extract from prisoners the information they wanted.  And the majority of prisoners had committed no crimes at all.  Their only crime was rejecting the Communist State and its tyranny and injustice!  This place was a prison for political prisoners. Read more…

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