I Don’t Take Flu Shots Ever, You are not injecting Me With A Disease

Published on Nov 19, 2012 by

I Don’t Take Flu Shots Ever, You are not injecting Me With A Disease, I Never Get The Flu, I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham, I will not take a flu shot in the car, not in the mall, I think that we are over Vaccinated, Vaccination may be linked to Autism, Today I Turn 47 and I have never taken a Flu Shot

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4 Responses to I Don’t Take Flu Shots Ever, You are not injecting Me With A Disease

  1. bydesign001 says:

    I take issue with the flu shots as well even though I was born with bronchitis and have had the flu before. In support of my stand, several years ago, I lost my best friend to the flu shot. People should think twice before taking those darned shots.

    That being said, Bob, peace and blessings to you, Jim and the rest of the crew on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day.


  2. jeromeennis says:

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    I fully agree. I have taken 2 flu shots in my life, and both times, within days, I was deathly ill with the flu that lead to pneumonia that put me down for a couple of weeks, and that was with a heavy dose of antibiotics, and my strenght was gone for about 6 months following the illness. No thanks, I do not trust anything this government does, and I certainly will not willingly allow them to inject me with a disease.

  3. upaces88 says:

    I have NEVER had a flu shot NOR will I EVER get a flu shot.
    I had a horrible flu several years ago and I still won’t get one.

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