Is There Hope For America

Published on Nov 27, 2012 by

Is There Hope For America, We Must Stop Calling Wrong Right, We Have Kicked God Out Of Everything, Homosexuality is wrong, Abortions is wrong, Terrorists are evil, You are a Moron, Can America Really Change, Hold Your Representatives responsible

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5 Responses to Is There Hope For America

  1. upaces88 says:

    There IS hope IF there is a drastic action taken.

    After that, EACH politicians record’s should be carefully reviewed. IF anyone voted against the USA and HER good causing further downfall which includes EVERY subject matter he is bringing up in his video. They should be considered as enemies of the USA. This needs to be handled the “legal way.”

    AS far as abortion even in the case of rape,there are people lined up who can’t have children. UNTIL every child in America has a parent(s)…adopting children from Foreign Countries should be against the law…Just tossing this out there for your thoughts.

    My only solution to abortion is offering the “morning after pill”…I still have my doubts about that. What I do know is that there ARE those who make large sums of $$ from the Tax Payers due to having far too many children while making $ on the side. What is the solution? “1.2 children per family like China did?”

    PC is Something that is really wrong with our National Mentality. It is as if, millions(?) have gone mad. WE MUST HAVE A SET OF VALUES….OR, think Sodom and Gomorrha and The Fall of Rome. PC is killing our country more than disease. Killing NOT in the sense of dirt funerals, but killing the Spirit behind what gave birth to our Great Nation.

  2. Yes in a way but hear this guy, he give hope because of his thinking, and he is one, but I’m sure he is not the only one ! That’s hope..

    • upaces88 says:

      Swiss…, I, actually, don’t know what has happened. I DID raise my own child right with ethics and values. She is now 41 and recently married and has calmed down some but before that, she did EVERYTHING THAT FELT GOOD OR, whatever the hell she wanted to do regardless if it was right or wrong; legal or illegal. Her dad and I both taught her right. We were never into any illegal activities OR immoral activities as a life style.
      I know I heard my parents say that (I am 65)…and thought at the time, what do they mean: “The world is going to hell in a hand basket”? Now I know; and there is nothing I, personally, can do except pray and have control over what ever is in my life to personally control. We vote, but we are ignored. So?…………………

      • So…You See You Got A Lot To Say.. I don’t know you, but what you are expressing sound wise ! May be true Who Cares.. But Who Knows ?
        You behaviour and attitude, also your own history is something you carry with you, others around you, can’t not getting a sort of influence, influence that probably not working with your own kids, but with people in your daily life, and of what you’re saying, I didn’t mind to be among those ..
        And the person making those videos is sometimes like he said full of common sense !
        It is why there is hope.. We Stand Still.. You know young generations are lost in some way but there are many I’ve seen (that I wish I could had been as aware as they are in their age)
        A new age may be (where I’m lost) But not ALL are Lost in those New Generation…
        Be Bless Lady ! and Carry On !

  3. phoebe53 says:

    Is there hope for America? Nope

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