This really reminds me of Osama err… B. Hussein Obama!

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2 Responses to This really reminds me of Osama err… B. Hussein Obama!

  1. upaces88 says:

    It has been “hinted at” but not on the news clearly that Obama is very ill with HIV-Aids.
    His skin tone is different now than when he walked into the WH.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Difference is, Hitler, supposedly had syphilis of the brain…not that he wasn’t evil.
    This is just an excerpt:
    Although speculative, it is possible that Hitler became infected with syphilis while recovering from war wounds. Perhaps he visited a prostitute while on leave from the front and caught the disease. Others argue he contracted it from a prostitute in 1908 Vienna, but those sources are questionable. After being diagnosed, he blamed the Jews. Hitler did not demonstrate acute anti-Semitism until after the war. Throughout his life, he called syphilis a “Jewish” disease. It is possible that Adolf Hitler transformed into a rabid anti-Semite after contracting syphilis from what he believed was a Jewish prostitute. The chronic anti-Semitism in Germany following the war contributed to his hatred. The infection and bigotry turned Hitler into an extreme prude.

    Hitler often recoiled at sexuality. This may have been a response to his syphilis. To him, the act was dirty and disgusting because he became infected. Hitler often went on tirades about the disease. In Mein Kampf, Hitler covers the illness in fourteen pages and links it to Judaism. Additionally, Hitler believed the disease was hereditary. Perhaps he launched the holocaust to spare people of syphilis. He genuinely obsessed over syphilis which makes little sense unless he was infected.
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