America’s Red Dawn

Since our nations founding how many Americans will have died in vain to secure and preserve our freedom thanks to Obama?

Impeach Obama! Liars, Cheaters and Thieves

Impeach Obama! Liars, Cheaters and Thieves

Published on Dec 8, 2012

Its already in motion; America’s Red Dawn.

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3 Responses to America’s Red Dawn

  1. cmblake6 says:

    Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    This toois some real deep thought stuff. Watch it and see.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Little by little this has been going on for a long time. I am sure it started long before we got the Internet…we just had no way of knowing. Information was much easier to hide, sweep under the carpet and distorted until then.
    It took us YEARS to find out who killed JFK….and it never really came out until we could actually research on line.

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