Pastor Manning Is Right About Phony Conservatives

Published on Dec 10, 2012

Pastor Manning Is Right About Phony Conservatives, Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Not Real, Bill O’Reilly is a fraud, Fox News Is A Fraud, The Media is protecting Obama, The Republicans are fake, What about is Passport, Attack CSNBC, What happened to the GOP, Obama is not qualified to be the President, Voter Id States Won, We Need The Blood of Jesus, Where is Rush Limbaugh, Where is Glen Beck, This is the greatest scandal ever, Obama is not God, Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio

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1 Response to Pastor Manning Is Right About Phony Conservatives

  1. upaces88 says:

    Our Guy again! Pastor Manning is one incredible man! Many of us are highly disturbed with the Tea Parties. Even the blog sites have become weak and incompetent.

    THEY SET THE NATION ON FIRE WITH THEIR ENTHUSIASM. And, where were they when Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman needed support for standing together AGAINST the Infiltration of the Muslims into our Government. They kicked those two aside making room for Romney who had plans to built a charter school for Islamists on OUR Tax $$.

    Romney DID WIN…but gave in stepped aside FOR Obama!
    And, the Republicans are as bad now as the Democrats!

    YES! The Media has been “blocking” for Obama. They may hit the “highlights” of what he is doing but THEY NEVER GET INTO THE MEAT of any of their broadcasts about him.

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