Obama Is So Damn Phony About Everything

Published on Dec 17, 2012

Obama Is So Damn Phony About Everything, Obama should speak from the heart, We don’t know who Obama is, We do not know about his childhood, I can’t stand frauds, BULL CRAP, This was about Gun Control, Liberals love people dying, What about the damn criminals guns, Sandy Hook Shooting, Why are there still drugs because they are illegal

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2 Responses to Obama Is So Damn Phony About Everything

  1. upaces88 says:

    He Can’t speak from the heart because his heart is black and I am NOT referring to his race.
    The Tears? His tears were fake.
    The man is filled with hate…hate for America…hate for whites…hate consumes him.
    NO ONE could could implement the programs he has and/or deliberately cause or encourage race baiting; hate against our potential new born children. I seriously doubt he has ANY love in him for anyone but himself.

    Believe me, he didn’t write the words on his damn little piece of paper.

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