White Liberals Are Nothing but Jackasses

Published on Dec 16, 2012

White Liberals Are Nothing but Jackasses, White Dumb Liberals are stupid, Serena Williams did not get mad at Caroline Wozniacki’s recent impersonation, You are an idiot, Single Mothers can raise good kids, stop making excuses damit, Stop making babies, be responsible, Ghetto Queens and Ghetto Kings, You must be freaking kidding me Moron

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One Response to White Liberals Are Nothing but Jackasses

  1. upaces88 says:

    Actually, when we do run into the white liberal, they are realllly out there!
    I am ashamed of the white liberals (as I would think that most blacks would be of theirs).
    For the most part, they can’t hold conceptualize or understand the difference between actions vs. race. They also can’t seem to equate action = outcome to any given political action or policy.

    I would “assume” that if a Republican committed the same acts they would be angry and/or outraged(???). Well, wait, I may be wrong about that…many of them do NOT like Col. West. I am having a hard time describing liberals because they DO NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME AT ALL. I don’t know what category to place them in except mentally ill.

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