Liberals Are To Superstitious


Published on Dec 27, 2012

Liberals Are To Superstitious, They believe in things that they don’t understand, The Media is bias liberals, tax break for the rich is too big, They say Republicans want to cut school lunch programs, They say conservatives want to kill old people, They say Privatizing Social Security is risky

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1 Response to Liberals Are To Superstitious

  1. upaces88 says:

    This guy is such a hoot!
    On the serious side, Liberals ARE Mentally Ill….No! They really are. They are born like that. There IS a DNA Code that becomes skewed causing Liberals and Progressives. There are actually Mentally Ill!
    When I was blogging on Yahoo Buzz several years ago, I ran into my first experience with Liberals.
    At first, I thought, “well, maybe they just don’t understand”…so I would take the time to explain things to them. .again, and again, and AGAIN!
    I became very frustrated, so I decided I would ask in the Google Engine:
    This is what I got back.
    Yes, they are mentally ill:

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