Islam is a time machine invented by Muslims to take the present back to 7th century.


Islam and Muhammad depicted where they properly belong. Islam dead Muhammad’s head on a woman’s spear.

Islam and Muhammad depicted where they properly belong. Islam dead Muhammad’s head on a woman’s spear.

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23 Responses to Islam is a time machine invented by Muslims to take the present back to 7th century.

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  2. redneckdixiewarrior says:

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    commentary by RDW
    ~~ Please…take them all and let them deal with themselves!~~

  3. Free society has empowered women to reject the oppression signified by the hijab. Thank God for that. Denounce sharia. Embrace Freedom.

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    Thought for the Day

  5. muslimah124 says:

    What are you implying by this image? That wearing less clothing is “modern”? So following your logic, in 100 years we should all be naked?

    Hijab is about respecting yourself and realizing how much you are worth. Women are not just eye-candy for men to leer at and objectify. Islam has empowered women. I have the power to control who can see my body and who cannot. Is that not freedom? Is that not empowerment?

    • boudicabpi says:

      Muslim men by their actions do not respect women. I am implying nothing. I am straight out saying that Islam would see us back in the dark ages if left unfettered.

      • muslimah124 says:

        Which Muslim men? The fraction of so-called “Muslim” men the media portrays who have never even read the Quran? Have you ever even met a Muslim?

        With due respect, you should do some research before you attempt to make such a claim about a religion that nearly 2 billion people in the world follow.

          • muslimah124 says:

            You made my point. That article had absolutely nothing to do with Islam. There is a difference between culture and religion.

            You don’t seem to have any real facts or research here that supports your argument. Here is a verse from the Holy Quran that nullifies your argument:
            “O you who believe! It is not lawful for you that you should take women as heritage against (their) will. Nor should you treat them with harshness”

            Islam give women high status and protects them. I am a Muslim woman and I have never been oppressed in the name of Islam. Islam denounces hatred, oppression and aggression.

            • Redneck Dixie Warrior says:


              You have obviously been brainwashed! Islam does not give women the same rights and freedoms that the muslim men have! Don’t go spreading your taqiyya around here….there’s just way too much information about Islam for you to pull this stunt. Most of us know that the later parts of your cult book abrogate ( in other words nullifies!) the more peaceful verses!
              If you had the same status and equality as the men as you say….250,000 women a year would not be fleeing from the cult of Islam, this is not counting their daughters that they take with them!
              You would not be subject to shariah law which says that if you get raped you need four men to testify on your behalf….they have to have witnessed the rape! Your word in court would be the same as any man’s!
              Many clerics have said that it is okay to beat a women if she denies her husband sexual access or if she goes against him in any way! Yeah …now that’s freedom!
              It’s not protection sweetie …it’s control! It’s oppression of your free will to behave and do as you see fit. Free will and common sense that God gave you!
              Woman was not made from a man’s foot bone to be beneath him, nor was she made from a piece of skull bone to be above him…she was made from a rib bone to walk as equals beside him!
              Satan though hates women cuz they can create life and satan despises that!

              • muslimah124 says:

                It seems as though you have been brainwashed. I am Muslim because I have done my own research! You obviously have not — Islam DOES give women the same rights men have. It is obligatory on every Muslim to do their own research. Islam rejects blind faith. It encourages us to question everything. Islam even tells us to question Islam, the Quran and God Himself! Would any religion make such a challenge unless it preached the truth?

                “250,000 women a year would not be fleeing from the cult of Islam” — Are you not aware that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world?

                The Quran repeats over and over “There is no compulsion in religion!!” A man cannot control or force a woman to do anything. Please, do not believe everything the media claims to be true. Do your own research. Your “facts” are wrong.

                • Redneck Dixie Warrior says:


                  I have done my own research! Don’t make assumptions little minded one!
                  I see that you …as all muslims do….will not say anything about the facts that I stated…other than to say I am wrong. So’s a question for you to answer..
                  Do women who are raped need four men to testify in court on their behalf? Oh and why? Is not her word enough? Why do they stone them?
                  Are men not allowed to use force or even beat their wives if they refuse his affection?
                  I highly doubt you will answer these other than to say what you have already said!

                  • muslimah124 says:

                    I did not make a personal attack at you. Do not make personal attacks at me. In response to your question nowhere in the entire Quran, nor in any hadiths has it ever been stated that a rape victim needs four witnesses. However, the Quran does state that if a person accuses a chaste woman of committing adultery, the ACCUSER needs four witnesses to also accuse this woman before you can take their word for it. During the time of the Prophet (pbuh), punishment was inflicted on the rapist on the solitary evidence of the woman who was raped by the perpetrator. Wa’il ibn Hujr reports of an incident when a woman was raped. Later, when some people came by, she identified and accused the man of raping her. They seized him and brought him to Allah’s messenger, who said to the woman, “Go away, for Allâh has forgiven you,” but of the man who had raped her, he said, “stone him to death.” (Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud)

                    In regards to beating your wife, this also is not true. In the Holy Quran. Allah says: “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.” (30:21) and also “Live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If ye take a dislike to them it may be that ye dislike a thing, and Allah brings about through it a great deal of good.” (4:19). There are countless verses and hadiths that prove your argument is wrong! So the answer is NO
                    to both of your questions! Get your facts straight.

            • JC says:

              Would that include the raped and subjugated women of conquered regions as they watched their husbands and fathers die in the name of the moon god deity you worship….

              Take your defense of the indefensible elsewhere….there is nothing redeeming or holy in what you believe. It is the rant of the demonic being that founded islam…it is pure drivel filled with lies, demonic spewings, and hate. I shall pray to G_d for your salvation…there is but one man who died for you without ever asking for anything in return…he killed,raped,subjugated no one. His name is Jesus. Not that hate filled pretend one that you believe in…the ONE TRUE ONE OF THE BIBLE. He calls you by name. Do you hear, will you seethe truth?

              • muslimah124 says:

                How could you speak this way about a religion of God if you claim to be a Christian? Christianity preaches peace and love, but your words are filled with hate. As a Muslim, I have always been taught to respect and love everyone, including my Christian brothers and sisters, and I was taught that Christians are taught to do the same. Please read the Bible and follow what the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) preached.

                “moon god deity”? Are you referring to God, the one and only? The same God you worship? Do you not know that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all monotheistic religions that worship the same God? Do not bash the very God you worship.

                I will say to you what I said to each person above, please do your own research!!! You obviously know nothing of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He preached what the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) preached, worshiped the same God and is admired for his manners and impeccable qualities by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. He was named the number 1 most influential person in history.

                Here is an excellent quote by Georg C Lichtenberg that I think applies to this thread perfectly: “A book is a mirror: if an ape looks into it an apostle is hardly likely to look out”. In other words, if you read the Quran or anything about Islam with a close mind and assume that it is a horrible religion from the start, you will not get anything out of it — even if it is glaringly obvious that it is not all of the terrible things you claim it is to be.

                I am honored that you will pray for my salvation. I will pray that God takes the hatred out of your heart in return.

        • upaces88 says:

          I live in a part of Texas that doesn’t have public transportation. One MUST have a car to do errands: grocery shopping, etc. My car was broken. I called a cab. The cab driver that picked me up asked me “Why are you out alone? Where is your husband?”

          Told him “I’ve already had 3 of those, and don’t want anymore…they took all of my $$.”
          He did share some important information with me. I hadn’t read this online nor did I see it on Fox News. Seems Obama bought an entire apartment building where these Muslims could live FREE. And, he bought them a Cab Company in order to make a living.

    • upaces88 says:

      Then why don’t you wear it? Your women are NOT free to show their faces…men should do the same. Men are no better than women.

      • muslimah124 says:

        Why don’t I wear what? Hijab? I do wear hijab, I CHOSE to wear hijab and I am honored to wear it! Why in the world would you assume that I don’t?

        Again, as I’ve said to each person above, do your own research! NO WHERE in the Quran or any hadith does it state that a woman must cover her face! A woman is free to expose her body, why is it such an offensive crime if she chooses to cover it? Isn’t this a free country? Or is freedom a double standard? I refuse to be reduced to an object and be eye-candy! Islam taught me that I am more valuable than that… and it is only common sense that you hide and protect what is valuable, not flaunt it for all the world to leer at. If a woman CHOOSES to cover her face, she is free to do so.

        And yes, Muslims agree. Men are not better than women.

  6. upaces88 says:

    I did not know that they have been going backwards….I, honestly, did not know.

    • Redneck Dixie Warrior says:

      Islam has never really made it out of the 7th century…IMHO! Just a bunch of savages.

      • upaces88 says:

        I went back to school to get my B.S. Degree and ran into some Muslim young women. They were changing clothes in the ladies room. They wanted to fit in. At the end of the day, they went back in the ladies room again to change back into the clothes they were forced to wear as females.

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