Obama Gives Hezbollah 200 Armored Personnel Carriers via Iran Aware

Via Iran Aware

Where does this jackass think this money is coming from? Doesn’t the bastard know we’re broke? Why doesn’t congress cut off funding for arming our enemies? Why is Obama still holding the office of President instead of being on trial for treason? WTF?

It’s only fair that with the Muslim Brotherhood getting 200 Abrams tanks, Hezbollah should get 200 armored personnel carriers.  While tragically there was no money available to provide security for the US mission in Benghazi, there’s always room for giving billion dollar weapons packages to the terrorists who attack US embassies.

In 1983, Hezbollah carried out the suicide car bombing of the US Embassy in Beirut killing 63 people, including US soldiers, and wounding 120. The suicide vehicle of choice was a delivery van. But now Hezbollah will be able to attack the next US embassy in style with the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier.

When Hezbollah overturned the Lebanese government and replaced it with a coalition dominated by the Shiite terrorist group, backed by Iran, there were worries that this might prevent Lebanon from receiving US aid.

But those worriers had clearly never met Obama who will never unfairly deprive Islamic terrorists of the weapons that they are entitled to under the code of social justice. Read more…

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3 Responses to Obama Gives Hezbollah 200 Armored Personnel Carriers via Iran Aware

  1. upaces88 says:

    “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation…
    One is by sword…
    The other is by debt.”

    …John Adams 1826

    • boudicabpi says:

      Osama Obama is giving our enemies swords and drowning us in debt.

      • upaces88 says:

        Yep, sure is….and he will be even more open with it as time goes on. I suspect he will make OR slip and say something to let us know “WHO” his loyalties are to…it will be blatant and shocking.
        Right now? He is indicating it by his “actions.”
        He is so arrogant…I believe he will openly state something that will “finally” wake up many people from believing that he just making stupid mistakes…and yes, there are still people like that out there.
        It will be VERY blatant…and I don’t mind at all if I am wrong.

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