Obama and the Republican party! Do I worry if he will destroy it? NO

The Republican Party is destroying itself. They control the House which controls the purse strings on spending. They can bring this Obama character to it’s knees and won’t. Obama has a mandate by being re-elected? You Republicans have a mandate to do what is right and you are cowering and have no balls! Stand up or step out of the way for those that believe in the principle’s of our founding fathers. Get Boehner out of the way and let a Bachmann take over as Speaker of the House.  Represent we the people or leave. You so called Republicans save a very miniscule few are a disgrace to the people who elected you. The leadershipof the Republican Party needs to resign and go. The whole lot of you do not represent the values of conservative Republicans or what the Republican Party was founded on.

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3 Responses to Obama and the Republican party! Do I worry if he will destroy it? NO

  1. upaces88 says:

    Several years ago, being a “team player” meant you worked well with others to get a specific task or job done. Now? It means, you’ll do anything and everything they want you to do NO MATTER what it is; and it is usually either unethical or illegal.

    They didn’t want Bachman, Palin or Gingrich for that very reason…they ARE NOT TEAM PLAYERS.

    BACHMAN will make an EXCELLENT Speaker of the House!

    • boudicabpi says:

      Would love to see Bachmann as speaker and since speaker does not have to be a member of the house would like Gingrich.

      • upaces88 says:

        EITHER one of those two would be amazing….I dunnoooo though… they both have been VERY outspoken about the Muslims in D.C. (HAMAS and CAIR gave $$ to 54 Politicians in D.C.). do you really think either one have a REAL chance….IT WOULD BE GREAT FOR US…but??

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