Where each state stands on gun-control legislation

States on guns

Where the states stand on guns and violence as legislatures meet this year in the aftermath of mass killings. The District of Columbia, which already has strict gun laws, has no plans to further tighten them

USA TODAY staff7:51p.m. EST January 14, 2013

Reporters from USA TODAY and Gannett news operations nationwide reached out to governors and legislatures in each state to learn what gun-related proposals might be in the works. Read state by state here…

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2 Responses to Where each state stands on gun-control legislation

  1. Roy Mcdade says:

    Thanks… It has gotten so far up the B.S. pole that politicians say one thing and vote another… ie “stab you in the back” and smile while doing you.. I personally called my Rep, knowing the House controls the purse strings, and flat out told his secy that if he votes ANY WAY FOR ANY RESTRICTIONS ON THE 2nd Amendment. HE WILL BE LOOKING FOR ANOTHER JOB NEXT ELECTION… If more people called their politicians and read them the FACTS of LIFE, like who votes and pays their salaries, there would be ALOT LESS B.S. on their behalf….

  2. upaces88 says:

    Thank you for publishing this!

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