Obama’s Political Pedophilia!

Political Pedophilia. That’s when a politician exploits children for the thrill of victory. He joins the ranks of Hitler and Stalin. Obama is a political pedophile!

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2 Responses to Obama’s Political Pedophilia!

  1. upaces88 says:

    He doesn’t care about children. Look what that man did about abortion!
    He has NO respect for life or anyone else…not the unborn children; not children…UNLESS, he can adulterate them in some form.
    HE IS the most self absorbed, evil man I think the U.S. has ever had within this country!

    NO ONE has answered this question in, what, two terms now?
    Where did he get those children that he and the Moose claim are theirs?

    Who has seen photo(s) of the Moose pregnant;
    Photo of her pregnant — that one all women hate!
    On the way home from the hospital;
    First Christmas;
    First Birthday;
    First Family Reunion;
    First tricycle ride;
    First fall from roller skating?

  2. jk9267 says:

    Obama is worse than that. Watch two Utubes in order: 1) Satanic signs Utube and 2) Bloodlines Utube. You’ll see political leaders like Bush and Obama using these signs as signs of recognition. Next, research the FEMA camps, their locations and the hundreds of plastic coffins that can each store multiple corpses. Then put it together.

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