Liberals Are The Gun Control Problem

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Published on Jan 20, 2013

Liberals Are The Gun Control Problem, Cities that voted for Obama are more violent, Gangs and violence go together, Poverty and violence go together, Unemployment goes with violence, Tell Obama to worry about the economy

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2 Responses to Liberals Are The Gun Control Problem

  1. upaces88 says:

    I just saw a video with Wild Bill: It seems the murders and gun control problems all have to do with Liberals and Democrats.

  2. Irving says:

    / Yo Boudica. Thought you might like to see this article which I found on the net. /

    Control Hollywood, Not Guns!

    Instead of gun control, why not Hollywood control?
    Gun triggers are touched by fingers. But Hollywood, guided more by profits than OT prophets, poisons the minds that pull the triggers.
    Hollywood likes hiding behind the First Amendment more than abiding by the Ten Commandments, one of which says “Thou shalt not kill.”
    Even more insidiously, some of the most powerful Hollywood moguls quietly embrace the most unspeakably evil forms of child abuse. Google or Yahoo “The Talmud” which says that Jewish adults are allowed to have sex with children as young as three years old!
    Also Google or Yahoo “Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret.” (There are those who even want to normalize and legalize pedophilia! – Google “”)
    Why do politicians focus only on “mopping up” the aftereffects of hypocritical Hollywood’s overflowing sex-and-gun-violence “faucet” instead of trying to shut it off? Let’s control the big “guns” of Hollywood – and NOT guns!

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