Danny Glover is a Jackass ties Second Amendment to slavery

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Published on Jan 22, 2013

Danny Glover is A Jackass ties Second Amendment to slavery, Why would Texas A & M allow Danny Glover to corrupt the kids, ready the damn 2nd Amendment Danny aka Mister, Stop letting liberals talk to students, go back to Lethal Weapon or The Color Purple

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2 Responses to Danny Glover is a Jackass ties Second Amendment to slavery

  1. jk9267 says:

    I go out of my way to not watch movies with either Glover or Freeman. Also, those who buy progressive insurance, the ads with the ditzy blond, should know that they afre insuring the destruction of America. The CEO is one of the biggest contributors to radical left-wing causes.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Danny Glover has always been a Racist! He has made a fortune from “white people” going to see his movies. I am sorry to say this….I went to Texas A&M for my Masters in Counseling. I have NEVER SEEN SUCH out-of-touch professors to reality in my life! They are 50 yrs behind the times with their attitudes. They cater to Liberals and their ideologies…attitudes about the REAL reality.

    There is another jackass as guilty. Morgan Freeman, the star of movie “Shawshank “..
    He campaigned for Obama and lied through his teeth. “The factories are humming…” and other out and out lies about the SUCCESS of Obama.

    I don’t know how often people still go to a movie theater, but the last time I went, I noticed there were “NO Black people” in the theater. They need to get a grip on exactly WHO pays to see their movies. I don’t go to movies just to see those two actors. They are in the movie WITH my a favorite white actor.

    They don’t have the pull from movie-going audiences they think they do. They need to stay out of politics!

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