Hillary Clinton Unhinged on Benghazi

Pamela GellerPamela Geller·492 videos

Published on Jan 23, 2013

“What difference does it make?” All the difference in the world and herein lies the problem. The reason our people were killed and continue to be slaughtered is because of jihad. And this willful blindness puts us all at risk. And note Hillary’s use of the word “militants.” They are terrorists, dhimmi, jihadists.

What difference does it make? More murders of Americans. New York Times reports some Algeria jihadists took part in Benghazi.

Clinton says she “didn’t see” requests for improved Benghazi security, doesn’t explain why she falsely blamed Muhammad video for jihad massacres Jihadwatch

She didn’t see requests that would have shown up the folly of the administration’s support for the Libyan jihadists. “Choking up, Hillary Clinton says Benghazi is ‘personal,'” by Olivier Knox for Yahoo! News, January 23:

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4 Responses to Hillary Clinton Unhinged on Benghazi

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  2. upaces88 says:

    Man! She has aged overnight. She looks horrible.
    Prevent it? Obama told them to “stand down!”
    There were reports 30 days prior to this that they needed more security; and they were denied

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