These Idiots Think Obama Is Jesus Christ

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Published on Jan 22, 2013

These Idiots Think Obama Is Jesus Christ, Chris Matthews compared his speech to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Maureen Dowd says Obama has a super brain, Why doesn’t Obama balance the damn budget if he is so smart, Dan Pfeiffer says that our political system isn’t worthy of Obama

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5 Responses to These Idiots Think Obama Is Jesus Christ

  1. jk9267 says:

    Obama and his wife use satanic hand signs in public. You won’t know this unless you know what the satanic signs are. The Utubes on satanic signs and bloodlines can bring you up to speed. The sooner you know what we are dealing with, the more prepared you will be for the battle ahead. Obama’s goal is de-population, and that those people left worship Lucifer. Now, you know why so many people think Obama is the second coming of Christ, they really believe it–they are deceived.

  2. jericho777 says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog.

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