Camp FEMA full movie UNCUT

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Published on May 14, 2012

Uploaded by thelibertyorthedeath on Nov 2, 2011

Recent legislation attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. citizens in the event of an uprising or civil unrest has many people asking what nation they live in. Who are the potential domestic terrorists that will end up in these camps? See what the experts have to say and find out where the true power of the people rests in halting these treasonous activities.

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4 Responses to Camp FEMA full movie UNCUT

  1. jericho777 says:

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  2. upaces88 says:

    May Sound like a dumb idea but if you want something done the right way….hire a Private Company vs. Government. I have had (just) some experience with government agencies and I have NEVER in my life seen such laziness, incompetence and, to tell you the truth, the “Give a shit attitudes of government employees. Since it is almost impossible to fire the who work for the Federal Government…just hire the private sector and it will not only go much smoother, they will be more effective.

    Well, he just brought up what I have been thinking since he got in office. These camps are “for us.” He started building these camps right after he got into office. That, in and by itself, should have scared the B-Jezuz outta every one!

    He is afraid of the normal everyday U.S. Citizen who speaks out against him. I say this because we right now have “37” Terrorist Training Camps in the U.S. this very day.

    As far as they are concerned, if we don’t like him…we are all terrorists.

    This video was filmed at the time he was implementing the “Peaceful Martial Law.”
    This ONE man stood up against the entire group. Study the faces of those around this Illinois Representative who was visibly upset.

    “You Cannot Give This Much Power to One Man!!

  3. boudicabpi says:

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    Camp FEMA full movie UNCUT

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