Assad’s choice via Joseph Wouk’s warsclerotic

Assad’s choice

Israel Hayom | Assad’s choice.

If foreign news outlets are correct in reporting that Israel Air Force attacked a convoy carrying advanced anti-aircraft missiles near the Syria-Lebanon border, as well as a military research institute near Damascus, then we are dealing with a significant event. As a bloody civil war rages in Syria, this appears to be the first time since the Arab Spring ignited in Tunisia in Dec. 2010, that Israel is playing an active role in events — as reported by foreign news sources. How can Syrian President Bashar al-Assad be expected to react?

As reports of the alleged attack emerged Wednesday night, we heard sweeping denials from Lebanon and silence from Damascus. Nor did Iran rush to respond. Syria took time reacting because it would have been much easier to keep silent. However, the alleged attack was probably a major event and Assad no longer has control of his country or the flow of information within it.

A European correspondent in Israel called me on Wednesday asking if there’s a story. At first glance, it appears to be a major story. If it is true that just before the alleged attack the head of Israel’s military intelligence visited the Pentagon, a high ranking Israeli was dispatched to Moscow and the air force commander warned about the dangers facing Israel, “from knives to nuclear weapons,” this is indeed a sticky situation. Read more…

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