The Educational Lesson For Today 2-9-2013 is…

What are the Crappiest Facts About Being a Man?

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2 Responses to The Educational Lesson For Today 2-9-2013 is…

  1. jericho777 says:

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  2. upaces88 says:

    I was always taught that the female is the more fragile of the two sexes. I was wrong; and had no idea of any of the facts given.
    Boys are taught from childhood to be “tough”…which makes it hard for them to “ask for help” whether it is physical, mental or emotional.
    The death rate? It seems that “too much” is expected of men just because they were born “male” vs. female. Human being ARE human beings no matter which organ they are born with!
    Since, of course, I’ve never been male…the STRESS of “Being A Man” must seem HARD fromt he time they are young boys into adulthood! They are taught they are SUPPOSED TO BE TOUCH and if they aren’t, they can be ridiculed or worse!
    I knew the suicide rate was/is much higher…what can society expect when so much pressure is placed on men to be MORE than they are psychologically and physically able to be!

    When I was pregnant, I was hoping for a girl because I was told I would turn any little boy into either being a sissy or gay because I had told friends that I didn’t want MY little boy growing up with these insane expectations of what he SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be just because of his sex.
    The accident rate for little boys IS much higher. It is best I had a little girl because I wouldn’t want my little boy playing in sports that could cause him brain damage (football/hockey, etc.)

    As far as alcohol and drug addiction? This is NOT an educated statement…just my own thoughts. It seems there would be…boys are somehow taught there is a different way they are taught to live: Are they allowed by society to be themselves? Are they expected to be stronger even though they are male? You tell me! I don’t know what’s going on with raising little boys today. I only know about MY little girl (now a woman).

    It would be MUCH harder to be male vs. female…there are so many EXPECTATIONS of what MEN are supposed to be like. I would think that it would deeply wound a young man and even a grown man when he doesn’t sit into the “expectations” required by ?????

    I love men. I love that they are physically stronger and I love their scent. And, yes, each man has a different scent that comes from his skin. Each Man is very special…they each come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. and when a woman is upset and needs a hug… THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT….THERE IS NOTHING LIKE HAVING A MAN HUG AND HOLD a woman when she needs comfort. No words have to be said…you just KNOW everything will be alright because it is as though a “strength was just passed from one human being to another” when held by this special man.

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