LAPD Using Drones to Hunt Down Former Cop? Via The Lorinov Report.

This one more step down a slippery slope. I have no sympathy for Christopher Dorner but what is the next step in using drones over the US?

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LAPD Using Drones to Hunt Down Former Cop?

I KNEW THIS WAS IN THE WORKS!!!! We’ve all heard about how government can use drones under the NDAA to hunt down and kill American citizens and how that piece of NAZI legislation makes it possible for the military to jail a citizen indefinetly and without charge or legal representation. And I’m sure you’ve heard about the formerly secret memo from the DOJ justifying drone attacks calling them legal and good. Well after all that hype and build up it now appears that our fears are soon to be realized. News has it that DRONES are being deployed to find and kill former LAPD cop Chris Dorner!!

The LAPD refuses to deny or confirm reports that drones have been deployed to find Dorner. The UK media called “The Express” first reported the story that surveillance drones were being used to find Dorner. According to the Express report “senior police sources” say that the drones are using thermal image cameras in an effort considered to be the last hope to find the former cop. Read more…

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